Eye surgeries are mostly done to cure eye related troubles

Laser eye surgery is also one of the safest methods of all vision improvement treatments. We will work harder to guarantee your outcome; your safety and your care are our top priority. Ask any laser eye surgeon will tell you that all surgical procedures carry a risk of a complication occurring, and laser eye surgery is no disparate. LASIK affects only the front surface of the eye. Serious complications are rare in LASIK surgery and no one has ever gone blind from LASIK eye surgery. There is verification to suggest that you stand a higher risk of suffering an infection from your contact lens solution than from laser eye surgery. Numbing eye drops are used to keep your eyes relaxed during LASIK surgery.

lasik eye surgery

It takes 15- 20 minutes for both eyes. You will feel some pressure during the creation of your corneal flap. Laser reshaping your eye is pain free. If you are anxious before your procedure starts your LASIK surgeon can give you a mild sedative to help you to relax. LASIK can correct all common refractive error. If you have severe refractive errors, other refractive surgery options are available. Each of our laser eye surgeons is accredited against rigorous recruitment that your eyes can be seen to by the very best. The tests at your eye surgery consultation are planned to provide our specialists with a great deal of diagnostic data so you will get expert advice on the safest, most successful and most proper vision correction treatment for your unique vision.

Methods and recommendation followed by eye surgeons

The first days following LASIK laser eye surgery; vision improves to near usual levels but is still horizontal to some deviation due to the remedial process. The eyes are split organs and they will heal separately of each other. The healing process means that there is a little more water than usual in your cornea, and that is what causes a little haziness and haze around lights in the short term, mainly at night.

We always support you with a 24-hour emergency phone number you can call in the infrequent event that this or any other difficulty may occur. You will need to return the treatment room for your surgeon to re-align your flap, and it will mean initial the drop regime from the beginning again, but the situation can easily be rectify. This is a normal part of the corrective process and resolves fast. Any initial healing symptoms soon pass as the healing process moves on, and serve to show that it is important not to judge the outcome as final too soon. Just as individuals don’t all have the same height, shoe size or hair color, rates of healing vary as well. Our LASIK centers advertise below average costs may be spiteful out patient screening and important pre and post-operative care. Our surgeons may also be less expert at centers that offer low cost LASIK eye surgery. Be sure your eyes are receiving the best care probable.